changing the game

Re inventing the way you keep your daily essentials looking ‘fresh’ and the tools you use to do it. Each one of our products has a unique role in the cleaning process and there isn’t a single area that we didn’t cover. From the bottom treads, to the uppers, laces and midsoles. Our goal is to continue creating new innovative products that our customers are proud to own.

Recently, we began expanding our product line into athletics and even have some exciting shoe cleaning accessories in the works!

Since we started in late 2017, we were approached by a lot of top pro athletes that couldn’t get enough of our “Touch Up Tool”. We made it simple for them to clean up their cleats after a big game. So we started putting together an A-List team of Pro Athlete Partners. Hit the link below to see who’s on our roster or keep scrolling to hear how Scuffed Up was born!

Where it all started...

Scuffed Up was founded in late 2017 by Adam Kellerman. Adam is also owner of “The Cellar”, a streetwear/sneaker boutique located in Buffalo, NY. Working in a sneaker shop all day, you find yourself doing ALOT of cleaning. Going back and forth to the sink, filling bowls of water, etc. Always wishing there was an easier way but couldn’t figure out what exactly that was. One day in September 2017, “The Cellar” was sponsoring a local concert where Adam was introduced to Scott Dancy (Founding partner). Scott, also a serial entrepeneur, was talking about a business deal with a local factory that made cleaning supplies. Adam overheard this conversation and right then the idea for Scuffed Up was born! After months of testing, our first product was brought to market and since then, we’ve been working non-stop to continue ‘cleaning up the game’.

Welcome To The Scuffed Up Team.

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